Dr. Debajyoti Mukherjee

A person who does not need any introduction today. Rich of multifaceted talent, in the fire of struggle, from his childhood he had the aura of pure gold, following the suggested path of whom many youths got their life’s objectives. Home to the homeless, Employment to the unemployed, Inspiration to the hopeless, And at the same time many social organizations have got better guidelines under him. Motivational speaker Dr. Debajyoti Mukherjee, has motivated and inspired many minds and even the Indian Army with his inspiring thoughts.

Titles that have been conferred by the people and Institutions of India for his noble and distinguished work:

  • “Not a man but a transformer who can pump confidence to even a dead body” -Verge, EDC,XLRI Magagine
  • “Man with no resource, Debajyoti is their source” -A Leading Hindi Daily ( Dainik Jagran)
  • “Single Man Army” -BRC, DANAPUR
  • “Md. Yunus of Bihar” -Hindi Daily(Hindustan)
  • “Mahaguru” -Shashish Kumar Tiwari, National Motivator of India

Born on December 15, 1977 in a Small town of Bhagalpur, Bihar. He Completed his Bachelors degree in English Honours From TMBU, Bhagalpur in 1997 and acquired his professional Qualification in Entrepreneurship Management – Full time, From XLRI, Jamshedpur.

His other Qualification includes, Three International Sales Modules: Selling Outline Method (SOM), Systematic Selling Dialogue (SSD), Customer Focused Selling (CFS).

Academic Awards

He is a recipient of Honorary Master in Life Skills from LADC Institute, USA. Honorary Doctor in Entrepreneurship from LADC Institute, USA. Honorary Professor from Title Town CCUI, INC., California, USA.

General Awards

  • Multifaceted Personality of India” National Prize -by National Women and Child Development Commission
  • The Greatest Life Skill Trainer of this Era” -by Aarambh Bharat
  • The Great Humanity” -by NHRC
  • Bihar Ratna Award 2020” -by Sanskriti Foundation

Dr. Debajyoti Mukherjee is basically an MR. He served the World’s largest Pharma Giant Pfizer ink, USA for 20 consecutive years. but as time progressed, his scope of work became wider, In this period, he produced more than 2000 Medical Representative who are now serving throughout India. He was never a representative of any government or political party, yet was successful in drawing a big streak for the society and the nation. In the Bhagalpur riots of 1989, a large number of Bengali society had to flee. Despite being from a prestigious family, the riots had marginalized him. Prof. Debajyoti was also the victim of this man-made tragedy. As a result, after his 7th Standard he stayed in his maternal grandmother’s house at 24 Parganas in West Bengal, and passed the 10th board examination from there. Completed his I.Sc. from Mahadev Singh College in Bhagalpur and English Honors from TNB College. Along with his own education, teaching tuitions to children became a profession for him. In fact, at the age of studies, the responsibility of running a household had fallen on his teenage shoulders. There was a time when despair started taking over him. He met one of his teachers in Katoria, Bihar and expressed his pain. He told Prof. Debajyoti Mukherjee that “It depends on you how you take your suffering, if you want, this suffering can become a path of liberation for you.” “Your parents will then be proud that they have given birth to Debajyoti.” It was the day after which he never looked back. The challenges went on turning into opportunities. For his 7 years of various social activities, he was awarded the honorary degree of Professor and Dr. In May 2019, he got an opportunity to speak on the international stage TEDx in front of the world. Quitting MR’s job in 2017, He completely is now busy with social work. He is actively working on character building of youth by organizing youth festivals at the national and international level from the block level towards the creation of new India. He Has done youth festival in Patna at the state level.The Souls of His Mother Late Eva Mukherjee and father Late Dinendra Mukherjee must have been proud of his great works. 

Areas Of Operations

1. Entrepreneurship Development:

After earning a masters degree on Entrepreneurship Management from XLRI, Jamshedpur where people start earning lakhs and crores, Prof. Mukherjee thought of creating entrepreneurship in Bihar-Jharkhand as he felt that fortune of both these states can only be improved by small entrepreneurs. He is the only Entrepreneurship Development Activist having credit to give training to more than 6500 aspirants spreading across Bihar-West Bengal-Jharkhand. More than 3000 are now successful Entrepreneur.

He also has a credit of sensitizing and giving EDP training to more than 1000 BODs/ CEOs of more than 200 FPOs spreading across Bihar-Jharkhand-West Bengal;

2. Lifeskill Training:

Prof. Debajyoti Mukherjee is a unique name in this field. How to get the best out of anyone, how he can face all the challenges of everyday life and how he can raise his standard of living, one can learn from the Prof. Debajyoti. He teaches lifeskills all over the country. Just a few months ago, he had also been to Jammu and Kashmir.

There he taught youths and women the art of blissful living. Debajyoti is versatile by his nature and work. He is the only Life Skill Trainer of Bihar-Jharkhand having credit to give training to Army Officials, Senior Police officers (trainees).

3. Youth Awakening:

Prof. Debajyoti is a youth awakener. Through his Yuva Mahotsav, so far he has been able to call attention of lacs of youths from Problems to the solution. Recently, thousands of youth from all 62 districts of Bihar-Jharkhand participated in the Bihar Jharkhand Yuva Mahotsav organized by him at Gandhi Maidan in Patna and his campaign was associated with the creation of Navbharat.

4. Rikshaw pullers to Rikshaw Owners:

Following Md. Yunus Model (the Nobel Laurate from Bangladesh), he has converted more than 500 Rickshaw pullers into Rickshaw owners through crowd lending. For astonishment no one becomes defaulter and all the capital get back to the respective loaner. From the very childhood Dedajyoti never accept boundary. He always crosses the disciplinary boundaries to stretch himself available for the needy and downtrodden people.

5.Home to the homeless:

19 Bengali families were living on rent in Bhagalpur, for them, under the shared programme of “Home to the homeless”, built an apartment (Aarti Bengali apartment) in the local Mashakachak area and provided home to 19 homeless. There are many more apartments in his project, but government policy is creating hinderance in the way. He is also planning to build homes for rickshaw pullers and small retailers.

6. Get rid of moneylenders:

When the poor needs money, neither banks come out nor anyone else. They raise money from moneylenders and make their own lives hell. Prof. Debjyoti got loan from several hundred enlightened people of the city by giving loan to several thousand poor on bank interest and got rid of the moneylenders. The notable thing is that no defaulters were created. This was an example of the Person to Person Lending Scheme.

7. Blood donation:

So far he himself has donated blood 27 times. Ten years ago, he ran a group called “No Bank – Only Thank”. There were more than five hundred members and when there was a need people from the group went to donate blood. Currently promoting blood donation camps. Not only Bihar Jharkhand, He is attracting people for blood donation by going to remote areas of the country. 

8. Employment:

Prof. Debajyoti himself was a sales professional. He made more than 2500 youths, medical / sales representatives and that too completely free. Many of them are still in positions like Area Manager / Regional Manager, he even has created All India Sales Manager.

9. Counseling:

Prof. Mukherjee is also an outstanding counselor. Many young people come to him every day, tell their agony and return home in a happy posture with proper advice.

10. Mentor:

Even as a mentor, the name of Prof. Debajyoti is at the top. Today, in addition to two startups (Madad app / aggregator India Private Limited) of Bhagalpur district, selected by the Government of Bihar, Debjyoti is mentoring, advising and guiding dozens of establishments like Fix Flex, Anand Herbs, etc.. He is now resource person of as much as 95 Institutions including several universities, banks, Indian Army, Bihar Police Academy, Funding agencies and a number of NGOs.

11. With Minorities:

In association with the Government of India, He has made 541 minory adolescents who were school dropouts, give exams from open school and linked them to the main stream of society through skill development.

12. Co-ordination between Social Institutions:

The association with Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh and Tinku Kumar he established “Prahari” and tried to establish coordination among voluntary organizations. The result was positive.

13. Successful Social Entrepreneur:

Prof. Debajyoti himself is also a successful social entrepreneur. Many young women are employed in his institute.

To expand his Mission in Nation Building with Life Skills and Entrepreneurship Development Program, Skillcept has joined hands with him to present his insight and wisdom to the world through online courses and programmes.

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